Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Shotgun Guests

I had a 'shotgun guest/s' on the weekend!

S and I went to his best friend's son's 2nd bday party and a couple who we haven't seen since last year at the same occasion were there. The guy used to be a good friend of S' but pretty much dropped out of sight and sound about 2 1/2 years ago. S tried to call him when we got engaged and even Facebooked him to share the news but still had no reply or acknowledgment or congratulations. Since then, another couple in our group tried to arrange dinner for the six of us and 30 mins before dinner, 'shotgun guest' phones to say he wont be able to make it as his partner has a cold. Who calls 30 mins before dinner? Surely a cold started earlier than that?

Based on this and the waning friendship, S and I agreed not to invite the 'friend' and his partner to the wedding. Also, because they are so flaky, we would hate to receive a confirmed RSVP if we did invite them and then get a call on the day that something has come up and they wont be attending - this is very likely to happen.

Anyways, so I was off with the children and apparently in a group conversation, 'shotgun guests' said to S, 'so when is he wedding and here is our current address to send the invite'. Poor S was totally on the spot and had no idea what to say so took down the address.

One of the wives in the group who is a good friend of mine told me later that the girlfriend of S' old friend was actually grilling her about the wedding, date, if the invites had gone out etc. WTF I have only met her twice in 3 years!

Now S feels he has to send an invite - grrrr, I dont have any leftover materials... is that a good enough excuse?

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