Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Some may recall my obsession with peonies and my temptation to change my wedding date to suit the flowering season of a miniscule 2 weeks (S would give me approval so it was a no go).

Well truly, I must be the luckiest girl and bride to have a bestie and BM like M.

Having our 50 minute daily catchup (with at least one Optus disconnection midway) M tells me that she walked past a florist on her way to work and spotted pink peonies - its took a long time to train her up to this ability to differentiate and recognise.

She couldn't believe how big and gorgeous they are in real life and well being the thoughtful person she is, she told me she is going to buy me a bunch and bring them down with her on Friday. I told her a photo or single flower will suffice.

Yay, cant wait to have a peony ... although knowing my luck they will be out of season by Friday.

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