Monday, November 22, 2010

Mourning Dobby

HP was everything I hoped it would be on Thursday night!

Our little group of fans made our way to Southport - FYI Scarborough St is a little on the scary side at 9pm - and the gold class lounge for our screening.

Super ginormous popcorns ordered and delivered, we settled in to our comfy recliners with B and I beyond excited for the movie to start.

It was touch and go for K's hubby D and whether or not he would even make it through the previews without falling asleep - he is presently busy running himself ragged renovating their new home so they can move in before Christmas.

For a 2h 20m movie starting at 9:30pm, there was even a risk I might fall asleep but no, the movie was not at all sleep inducing so D and I both stayed awake and they managed to stick pretty closely to the book for a change.

I must say though, I don't know how you would understand much of it if you haven't read the series. I think the movies lack a lot of meaning and you have to accept a lot as just a movie viewer without explanation. This was especially apparent after the movie when B, little bro J and I had to explain and interpret much of the movie to sis K so she could understand the significance of symbols etc.

Having read the Deathly Hallows a million times, I thought I was prepared for Dobby's death. I was wrong! B and I sobbed (that's right, not silent tears but embarrassingly sobbing), especially at the dialogue which was lacking in the book. I think it was definitely sadder to say goodbye to the little house elf than Dumbledore.

If you like the HP series, this movie won't disappoint and the cast are just outstanding (apart from Ginny who is like a boring block of wood).

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