Monday, November 8, 2010

Missing M

My future mother in law was in the kitchen with M and I on Sunday afternoon while we were preparing pizzas and commented on the fact that we hadn't stopped talking or even drawn breath for the past hour.

M and I both laughed and told her that this wasn't unusual and that we often spoke several times a day with something new to discuss each time. We told my FMIL that we speak every day normally and in the past week alone we even spoke 3 times on Friday for 20+ mins each time and even had a 90 minute conversation on Tuesday night.

Anyway, its now been a week since she relocated to Brisbane and started her new job. Its turned out to be a wonderful experience overall as I knew it would be and I'm glad that it has all worked out so well but I definitely miss having my best friend around the corner.

S and I popped up to visit M and D last Sunday to check out their new home and all. Honestly, I love Bulimba and even asked S when we left if we could move there ha ha. Their new place is great, modern with a huge balcony and only a short walk from the main street. Given the convenience, we decided to explore the main street and all headed down to the local pub for cocktails and a yummy counter lunch (I had wedges with sour cream, cheese, bacon and shallots yummmmm).

I was a bit sad leaving that day but also a bit excited as we now have new adventures to look foward to in Brisbane and new venues to explore.

Its been a strange week getting used to M not being local and I have definitely missed her random after work visits but on a positive note, it means that we now actually have to make the effort to organise catchups and so this week we are off to my favourite chinese restaurant in the Valley to introduce M & D to the delights.

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