Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I'm loving Lush products at the moment.

I currently have the following products on the go:

Sweetie Pie - this smells soooo yummy and makes my whole bathroom smell good

Breath of Fresh Air toner - so refreshing

Vanishing cream - seems to be the best balanced moisturiser for my skin and hasn't caused any breakouts or clogging

Aqua Marina - clay-like and sticky, smells like musk sticks, lovely and gentle but not good for makeup removal

Dark Angels - effective as a light exfoliator and cleanser but I hate how it leaves black grains under nails and in the hairline

Ultrabland - effective at makeup removal but sometimes dont love the residue it leaves on my face

Ocean salt - delicious fresh smelling body exfoliator (I find it a little to ahrsh for the face)

Rub Rub Rub - love how this texture changes from grainy and coarse to silky smooth, S loves this for his hands especially when he was helping our friend L out with his rendering business

My bathroom is quickly being flooded by black Lush packaging but the good thing is, S is a fan of a lot of their products too so no arguments from him. Thinking of trying the shampoo and conditioners range next time I visit the store. I also definitely need to get some Lemony Flutter - my cuticles are soooo dry at the moment.

Do you use Lush products? What are your favourites?

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