Friday, November 26, 2010


I love lists, I have lists for everything.

At this time of year my lists get a little out of control what with lists for christmas presents, birthday presents (2 besties & S all have December birthdays), groceries, to do - personal, to do - work, what to take away on holidays, meal planner ... you get the idea.

This year I have found some nifty iphone apps to help make my lists a little easier to bear - rather than having 100 scraps of paper floating around my handbag or my iphone notes section having 1000 entries.

I have downloaded the following apps:

Christmas Shopping - allows you to enter people, their gift, cost, store to buy from and then to mark when purchased

Gift planner - enter people, their birthday or event date, gift ideas, cost, then it reminds you as the date gets closer

Shopping list - loving this one as I can access it whenever I remember something we need ... you enter your items to a list then as you shop you tick off those you purchase - simple but effective :)

Apple and app designers, I really do thank you for simplifying my urge for organisation.

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  1. I love lists too.
    Havent really delved into the world of apps yet but sounds like it would be right up my alley