Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Is it enough?

Can anybody who has planned or is planning a wedding please answer for me...

When is enough enough?

I have been planning our wedding since December 2009 with the wedding scheduled for March 2011.

We knew what we wanted quite quickly and booked all the major stuff in January 2010 and spent the beginning of this year finalising details - bonbons, table settings, invites, food, entertainment, bridal party gifts and all.

We are now 4 months out from the date and I feel that there is nothing to do. Frightened by this as I assumed it must mean I had forgotten plenty of items, I downloaded a zillion wedding checklists to make sure I hadn't left anything out.

I couldn't find anything I hadn't already done/checked off but now I'm thinking maybe I can do more, maybe I need to have more than what I have already done. In desperation for details, I have even designed and completed a seating chart so it just needs to be updated as guests RSVP. I have down the OOS, chosen the readings, made the placecards to be printed, chosen the key songs etc

I keep worrying about whether or not it will all come together and maybe disposable cameras on the tables or handing out silk fans to the ladies for the ceremony will be the key that brings it all together.

This post all sounds silly I know but with no details to stress about or organise right now, I feel at a loss, like I should be stressing and racing around like a crazy person.

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