Monday, November 22, 2010


So Friday dawned overcast and I woke up to screams, car horns and air horns. I live on the water opposite a high school - which is actually a lot better than it sounds apart from on graduation day because the only time our street is busy is Mon to fri 8am to 3pm which is fine as S and I are at work then (except for when we take the day off for a function and try to have a sleep in).

The street was crazy on Friday morning with teens celebrating their last day of high school with streamers everywhere, spray painted cars, balloons - ps. can someone explain why you have to go to school on your last day, have your name marked on the roll and then get to leave? It all seems quite pointless but I remember even we had to do it some 11-12 years ago (wow, cant believe its been that long).

Moving forward, Friday was also the day of my Sports Lunch. It all turned out quite well as I managed to source 2 extra tix and my sis in law C and my S had the day off so were able to join us. That morning I still hadnt decided what to wear and was considering a business look (black & white striped CR cami, black pencil skirt, black blazer) but C inspired me to be more summery and I went with a short sleeveless white grey and purple silk CR dress.

Arriving at the lunch, I was standing near our table talking to friends when I looked up and spotted John Howard walking towards our group. He bypassed us but was less than a metre from me. What did I do... yep, I froze. I couldn't even clear my throat to tell everyone else he was right there! When I finally managed to regain control of myself to interupt our group and point him out he was at least 20m away.

Anyway, we took our seats, poured a drink and next thing, Johnnie was on stage for his segment. It was done interview style - see the pics S took for me - and The Prime Minister made for a very entertaining subject. He was happy to joke, poke fun at himself and give some honest and insightful answers. I listened intently, shushing everyone around me and discovered he would be signing his book later in the luncheon - at this news I swung around excitedly to S who laughed at me and told me he would buy me a book to have signed.

Lunch was served at the same time as the book signng but did I care? Of course not ... I raced down the front with C to join the queue and when I got to John Howard, I also got to have a photo with him. I was on a high for the rest of the day - I met The Prime Minister AND got to have a photo with him. He was also kind enough to sign a book brochure for me to give to my sis after I told him she was a huge fan but had already bought his book the week before.

S also had some success, winning the bid on a limited edition Tim Cahill Socceroos memorabilia piece.

The rest of the lunch passed in a blur but we had lots of fun and it certainly lived up to expectations - cant wait for next year!

Some random pics:

C enjoying a glass of wine

Bro N skiting to our sis that he got John Howard's autograph

Surf boat tied to the roof

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