Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hotel Rewards

S and I are off to Japan in March for our honeymoon - cannot wait, we are both so excited to be visiting Osaka and Tokyo for the first time.

With this in mind we thought it might be worthwhile to sign up to a hotel rewards program to receive room and dining discount rates both in Australia and OS ... specifically the Marriott gold card as we have the advantage of using it for dining at our favourite restaurant the Benihana (on the GC) for half price.

So I started my investigations yesterday googling 'hotel rewards programs'. My results were pretty useless unfortunately but I did discover that the Marriott gold card doesnt have any participating hotels in Japan which is disappointing as they have hotels all through Asia and even India.

So I am now weighing up whether we should still get the gold card for the local benefits (means I can convince S to eat at the Benihana more often plus we might be able to get value out of it for an interstate trip to say Melbourne - S has never been) plus invest in another card/program for OS (Japan).

Can anyone recommend a good hotel program that includes Japan?

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