Monday, November 29, 2010

Four Weddings

Did anyone watch the Four Weddings TV show last season?

I missed all the episodes apart from the finale but heard many a funny tale from our sales administrator at work about the crazy brides on the show.

Moving forward, as previously mentioned in an earlier post, I happened to checkout the show's website a few weeks ago and they had an announcement that they were now looking for brides for season 2. M & C insisted I enter for a laugh so of course I completed the 15 odd page application form and sent it off not expecting it to go any further.

Well, I was wrong in my expectations. I had a phone call Friday which led to a one hour phone interview about the wedding - I had to answer a zillion questions about flowers, dresses, my childhood (??), the ceremony, centrepieces, favours, hair, song choices etc and send off all the pics I could find (cake, dresses, venue etc). - and then advice that our wedding has been shortlisted for season 2 of Four Weddings!

I really liked the producer I chatted to and she seemed to find me and my opinions quite entertaining - I filled her in on the flower fiasco and S' (limited) input. She also advised the show was really interested in Couran Cove as a wedding venue and had tried to secure a bride there for last season but the schedule just didnt work.

M & C typically screamed when I told them and think the whole thing is just beyond exciting. My sis was also quite excited, particularly about the chance of winning a trip o/s and offered to contact the producer to tell her how fabulous my wedding will be. Even my mum thought it was a great opportunity and very entertaining.

Honestly, I could not stop laughing about the phone call and the possibility of our wedding being a part of this show. S is also good humoured about it and thinks it will definitely make our wedding memorable if we end up getting selected - imagine telling our children about it one day.

We have been told to expect a phone call this week to arrange an on-camera interview.

Will keep you guys updated as news becomes available!


  1. Thats cool!!! Good luck! I hope you get picked! How fun.

  2. Thanks Sammie - am posting today with an update on our interview with Producer and camera :)