Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Crazy things

Do you have friends who are always up for an adventure and for some reason can convince you that anything is a good idea at the time?

I do, 3 of them!

So Saturday night I was hanging out with M, C and another good friend S. We were running low on wine and it was getting close to 9:30/10pm when the local bottleshops close. So we did the right thing and called a cab to go get some more.

Waiting for the cab, C decided she would wait at home and make us a snack while we went to get wine so i gave her my keys and this is where the adventure/trouble started.

C couldn't get in and called out that none of the keys fit the lock. I figured she was doing something wrong so went to inspect. I checked my keyring and yep, my two house keys weren't on it.

S was out with the boys so I tried to call him to find out what happened to my keys and could he come home to let us in. He didn't answer.

The cab arrived at this stage so M & C decided we definitely needed more wine and went to go get it leaving friend S and I to figure out how to get in.

My house is a virtual fort knox we discovered with impenatrable crimsafe security screens and all the spare keys were inside (M and C both have keys to my house). Breaking down the front door was discussed but discarded after a few shoves which indicated we weren't strong enough to achieve entry via this method.

Friend S and I were at a loss, standing in the front courtyard when S piped up with 'maybe we could get on the roof, remove some tiles and go in that way?'

Well, with a few wines under my belt of course I agreed this was our best and only option plus I had to admit it sounded like a fun adventure. So S climbed up and then money gripped me onto the roof. It was a lot higher than I thought but on a helpful note, we have 3 skylights in the roof of our villa and I knew the manhole was in the laundry so it was fairly easy to navigate our way around. Pulling off the tiles was a bit of a mission and looking down into the roof was a little unnerving - it was also pretty funny at this point as C & M returned from their little cab ride to find us on the roof.

We managed to gain entry after peeling back (read yanking out 3 tiles) and next thing we know, we're in the roof looking for the manhole. It was all quite hilarious and I don't think I stopped laughing at any point. Locating the manhole we discovered it was locked so after a short discussion we agreed the effort we had expended thus far justified stamping it in. It gave way pretty easy (thank goodness) and we managed to climb down via the well located washing machine beneath us.

We then teased M & C at the window threatening to not let them in till we realised they had the wine that caused this disaster so we allowed entry.

There is no one else who could get me on to a roof or do any of the above except for these girls!

ps. next time I'm just calling a locksmith.

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