Friday, November 12, 2010


S and I have decided to gift our guests with something highly personal to us.

We will be giving each guest a Daffodil pin from the Cancer Council in memory of our loved ones who cant be with us on the day - all 4 of my grandparents have passed from cancer or related & same with 3 of FH's in addition to my aunt and uncle surviving cancer, our Best Man's mother and also FH's uncle passing.

When I first suggested this to S for our wedding, I was almost taken back by how much he supported the idea and what this would mean to him on our wedding day. We felt this was a symbolic gesture and a way for us to include those people and their memories without being too maudlin although when I told my mum of this plan, she had few tears given our most recent loss was her mother to lung & bone cancer. S' mum also was a bit teary but very pleased we have chosen to do this.

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