Monday, November 8, 2010

Best Weekend Ever!

Friday night S and I had a quiet night in watching Get Him to the Greek - favourite quote in the movie was Sergio saying 'The thing about British rockers is they never die, look at Led Zeppelin, Keith Richards and Mick Jagger, those guys will outlive Miley Cyrus'. (not the exact wording but you get the idea.

We also had an exciting phone call from S' sister H. She and her bf got engaged - totally romantic proposal including rose petals on a king size bed spelt out to say 'will you marry me'. She also asked me to be her bridesmaid - yay :)

Saturday S had to work so I got the cleaning and washing done then headed down to Fingal to see my parents. Turns out C and baby S were also down there visiting her parents (our parents have custom caravans so often trip away weekends together). Had the nicest afternoon with our parents sipping Chandon and feeding icy pole to baby S (I think I wore a fair bit of it).

The fun did not stop there with S taking me for dinner Saturday night. We went to Benihana, my favourite! S' sis and fiancee were staying at the Marriott so joined us also for dinner. Our chef Jojean was hilarious and really playing up which made the whole experience very entertaining. H managed to catch every morsel thrown her way in her mouth and the chef queried if she lived at Seaworld - her new nickname is now seal. We ended up enjoying drinks in the lobby bar afterwards and subsequently didn't get home till after 1pm.

Sunday morning was a struggle to rise early but absolutely necessary as I wanted to head down the beach and wish my littlest bro J luck - he competed in the Coolangatta Gold Sunday! See the pic below - I was such a proud big sis when mum sent me the photo of him crossing the finish line. Such a huge effort to even complete such a big race.

Sunday afternoon was not a let down after all my other weekend adventures. S' dad B built a wood fired pizza oven and invited us (and C, L, baby S, M & D) for Sunday afternoon drinks and pizza. B made the dough from scratch and M, C and I worked together as pizza artists creating masterpieces for B to cook. They were amazing and funnily enough, the most popular pizza toppings of all was the last one - the one we threw every bit of leftover toppings on lol. Such a lovely afternoon relaxing with friends and family watching baby S try to catch the dog and play with ice with lots of wine consumed as per usual. (will post a pizza oven pic soon)

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