Thursday, October 14, 2010

The value of checking my hotmail

My hotmail account has been in existence since about 1997 I think and is one of those things I check when I'm especially bored or have nothing else to do because I have 2 other active email accounts that all my important correspondence goes to.

My hotmail emails usually consist of facebook updates, junk email and offers from the many websites I have joined and newsletters I have signed up for.

Well, checking hotmail this week and reading some of those offers/newsletters actually paid off!

First of all, I was able to secure Gold Class tickets for HP & the Deathly Hallows - they are on presale at the moment and I was ideally after Robina tickets but upon calling (they weren't up on the website for this cinema), I discovered Robina tickets were $39 + $4 booking fee as opposed to Southport Gold Class for $20 + $4 booking fee! Insane highway robbery I think and I told the operator so too. She agreed and told me she would book at Southport too - they are the same recliners, screen and both serve a nice Sav Blanc so how do they justify a $20 price hike based on suburb alone?

Then I read one of the million ticketek newsletter updates - these arrive almost everyday so I usually don't bother but this one had 'The Script' in its subject. Enough to arrest my attention!

I love The Script (as does my sis K) and was devastated to learn they would be in Australia this month but would only be playing shows in Sydney and Melbourne. Indeed, I love them so much I looked into flying down for the night to either capital city to see them but unfortunately tickets were already sold out.

I figured this email was about releasing new tickets or new shows scheduled so was prepared to purchase then organise travel arrangements. Imagine my surprise when I see The Script will also be touring Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane next April - yep, that's right, BRISBANE!

Of course I logged into my ticketek account as quick as I could and snapped up 2 tickets for the show then excitedly called my sister to tell her I had a surprise for us. I can't keep a secret like that from her so then told her what the surprise was. She already knew tickets were on sale (and didn't call me????) and was very happy I had secured our place at their concert.

So much to look forward to between now and April 2011 ... HP & the Deathly Hallows, Sports Lunch, U2 concert, S & C's birthdays, Christmas, New Years Eve, my wedding, honeymoon to Japan, The Script!

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