Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sportsman's Lunch

I love a good charity lunch for so many reasons ... day out of the office, reason to dress up more than usual, champagne in the middle of the day ... its like Melbourne Cup without the horses and Melbourne Cup is almost my favourite day of the year!

So this year, I was once again invited to the Ultimate Sports Lunch at the Gold Coast Convention Centre. It supports Surf Life Saving and is an absolutely huge event. I think they get over 2000 attendees each year and always offer a wonderful day of entertainment. I have been a few times with my father and brother so was excited to attend this year's event.

Well, this excitement was magnified tenfold when I got the entertainment/speakers list! The deal was sealed when I heard that none other than JOHN HOWARD our wonderful former Prime Minister would be speaking! I almost fell over myself to RSVP to this event.

I also tried to encourage as many people as I could to hurry up, get in and buy tickets last month so they wouldn't miss out. Everyone including my boss (an enormous JH fan) fobbed me off with a 'we'll see'.

Yes well, we have seen! Just a few days ago the boss decided he would like our office to take a table for the event and could I arrange it. So I worked hard to convince everyone in the office to attend and phoned my contact, Rabbit (code name) to advise I had sold a table so book the tickets. I was informed that the event had been sold out for some time and I didn't have a snowflakes chance of getting any more tickets but he would scout around and call in some favours.

Seriously, this is some major event ... its not even until the middle of November and already 2000+ tickets are sold out! I am beyond glad I got in when I did but after all the work I did to motivate and enthuse the people in my office, they now aren't thrilled to hear that I still get to go and they may not. Not my fault I acted out of Libran character and made a quick decision, I gave them all the opportunity then too.

Rabbit is in touch daily to give me an update on his speaking to people, bending arms and what not to convince attendees to let go of tickets to the event but I'm not holding much hope, I wouldnt give up my ticket so I really wouldnt expect others to do the same.

As FF would say, fingers and toes people.

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