Monday, October 11, 2010

Reading - trash and mysteries

I love to read, I love losing myself in a book, any book and visualising the story.

At a very young age I was quite an advanced reader - in year one they had to send home year 7 reader books for me because the standard ones just didnt cut it.

My mum always encouraged my reading and would take me to the local library every second Thursday night. I was allowed to borrow up to 6 books and always used the limit.
The thing was, by year 5 or 6, I loved reading what my mum refers to as 'trash'. At one of her friend's houses, I had discovered Jackie Collins and was hooked! Entirely inappropriate for my age, my mum tried banning them but then I would just sneak them from my aunty or read them secretly when we visited her friends (I discovered a lot of them liked JC). So resigning herself to a losing battle, she would allow me one trashy novel to one 'good' book. Our library visits became a battle ground of negotiation upon which I could borrow 'Lucky' if I only I took 'Gone with the wind' or 'The Great Gatsby' too.

To be honest, I didnt care if I had to read the so called 'good' books, I was just happy to be reading and loved almost all of what I read. I consumed books so often and easily, I think for the MS readathon I did in year 8, I read over 100 books!

Now, my reading tastes are as varied as they come but I have to share that my alltime truly favourite author is Mary Higgins Clark! I just love her easy writing style and can never put one of her books down. I also find her books well written so that I rarely guess the true culprit till the very end.

Case in point, I discovered on Friday that she had a new book out this year (not sure how I missed its release). I raced out to buy it and was finished with it on Saturday night! No, I did not sit up all night and no, I did not do anything except read... I had visitors Friday night for dinner, running around all day Saturday and guests in the afternoon - I am just a fast reader.

My favourite MHC books are While My Pretty One Sleeps, Remember Me, Weep No More My Lady and Stillwatch, oh, and On the Street Where You Live.

Have you read or do you like MHC? Do you have any other authors who are similar that you can recommend - she doesnt write fast enough as far as I'm concerned so i'm forced to go elsewhere at times)?

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