Monday, October 11, 2010

Rain Rain GO AWAY

What a miserable weekend - in terms of weather!

Like the very witty FF said in one of her latest posts, its Ark building time and given she is in Brisbane, maybe if I put it out there she will pick me up on her way down the Coast when the waters rise (looking sure to happen soon).

It has not stopped raining on the GC since before I can remember (at least a week straight) and we have had severe winds all weekend which are even worse today if that's possible! All I heard about on the radio driving to work today is that there is a severe weather warning in place with rain to continue till Thursday.

Here is the grey view from my office today:

How am I expeceted to motivate or work when looking at that miserable sight?
It's quite depressing reading some of my favourite blogs (Domestic Divinity, All Cats are Grey etc) and seeing everyone enjoying warm sunny days and Springtime frocks while we are rugged up and trying to stay dry - I thought the GC was supposed to be beautiful one day, perfect the next but you know what? It's a lie people, ONE BIG LIE!

The weather is playing havoc with everyone's moods as well, everyone I know is tired, unmotivated and feeling well, average I guess. This is all thanks to grey rainy days!


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