Monday, October 11, 2010

Productive times

My Saturday was beyond productive!

Starting with Saturday morning when I managed to shop the Farmer's Markets in the rain with my trusty Oroton umbrella purchased earlier in the year (everything here is done in the rain at the moment) sourcing fresh produce and happy hour items for my guests coming in the afternoon plus a few extras for mum who had no desire to get out of bed for rainy markets.
I then moved on to do a big shop at our favourite butcher in Burleigh - their chicken kievs are truly to die for as are their marinated rolled beef roasts. The kievs though are beyond delicious - breast crumbed in herbs and garlic with a thick and full buttery garlic centre.

After dropping the grocery items at home, I headed to Southport to my wedding invitation store to order the remainder of my invitation wallets (inconvenient though, they didn't have enough in stock so are going to contact me when they come in) followed by a visit to First Choice Liquor to price some wines S and I are interested in having at our wedding.

Upon finally arriving home, I read my new book by my favourite author for 30 minutes before going to pick up C for our afternoon appointment at my house with M, a bottle of wine and some nibbles!

An enjoyable afternoon was had, we made delicious old school homemade sausage rolls (C's idea) and consumed lots of Matua Valley First Frost (low alcohol and calories - it was the calory part that sucked me in) and Absolut vodka with cranberry.

Sadly though, the afternoon ended too soon and M left us to head to Brisbane for her early morning flight Sunday - she is off to Thailand for 2 weeks then relocates to Brisbane on her return. The bonvoyage was bitterwseet for C and I needless to say when we gave M her hug goodbye.

All in all, I got a lot done on Saturday!

ps. I borrowed the sausage roll photo from as ours got eaten to quickly to photograph.

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