Thursday, October 7, 2010

Oh The Irony!

Okay, so again, another slack week of blogging! I apologise most sincerely but saw no point boring you with the mundane details of this past week - its been boring people!

Well, I finally do have something to share...

About a year ago, I found a lovely lady on the Vogue Forums who was starting up a company that specialised in the re-sale of designer wedding gowns.

This seemed to be the perfect contact given that I was newly engaged and desperately wanting a particular Personalised Couture gown that was going to cost $8,000 ... a little over budget considering S gave me a limit of $4,000.

So I emailed the lovely lady and asked her to please contact me if she happened to come across and PC gowns.

A year later (last week) and I get an email from my contact advising that she has just had 2 PC dresses come in if I was still interested and would I like photos.

Now, in the past year, I haven't been sitting around waiting for my dream dress to come up through my contact, I got out there, selected a designer/dressmaker who could recreate my dream dress, had my measurements taken and paid for the gown.

Back to the present ... part of me knew it would be better to not know but the other part just had to see which style of dresses so of course I emailed back 'yes please send me photos'.

I received an email back quickly advising bothe dresses were an 8-10 (perfect) and opened the first picture half praying it wasnt my dress ... IT WASNT! A lovely dress but not mine so I breathed a little easier. Then I went to open the second picture and there was a note about this dress advising it hadnt actually been worn as the bride had changed her mind on it. Opened the picture and there it was - MY DRESS! I almost burst into tears then calmed myself by thinking it was probably way out of my budget anyway, especially as it hadnt even been worn.

Right, so glutton for punishment that I am, I emailed back requesting prices ... MY DRESS (that's how I think of it, in capital letters) was only $3,500!

That means the real dress by the real designer and maker is under my budget! It also showed me that patience is a virtue, one I clearly dont have considering I didnt give myself anytime to source a dress through my contact but raced straight out and ordered it through another dressmaker. Although in fairness, there was no way I was going to wait till 5 months before the wedding to start sourcing a suitable gown.

Now its too late, I am already committed to my other dressmaker and have paid for my dress in full but part of me is still so torn and trying to find some way to work MY DRESS into the budget.

See the irony people?
Seriously though, if you are looking for a designer wedding gown, contact Mandy at - I am so impressed that she remembered me and contacted me 12 months after my enquiry!

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