Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Four Weddings

I only caught the final episode in the Australian series thanks to C at work texting me so I wouldn't miss it. Anyway, it proved to be one of my new favourite reality shows (probably because I am planning a wedding myself) and I found the whole premise very entertaining - picture me sitting on my bed (cause S wouldn't allow me to watch it in the loungeroom), talking and commenting to myself on each bride's choice. I had a lot of opinions going on and would race out during the ad breaks to share them with S (who was totally uninterested by the way) - "OMG a girl just served party pies at her wedding!" "OMG the bride is wearing a pink wedding gown" etc... you get the idea.
Moving forward (love that saying as I say it with a smirk related to the Youtube payout on Julia Gillard for her overuse of the phrase) ... I was a little (a lot actually) bored at work yesterday and happen to look up the show's website where I discovered they are now taking applications for season 2.
I mentioned this to C from work who told me I absolutely had to submit an application for S & my wedding as it would just be hilarious to be a part of. I then asked my besties and super BMs C & M what they thought - both thought it was a must do although I think M's excitement and encouragement was more to do with the lure of being on TV ha ha. So it was just S' approval that remained. He pretty much agreed straight away although was bit put out that he didnt get to go to and judge the other weddings.
So tonight, C & M and I are going to complete the application and send it in.
I doubt we will even be chosen but it could be a bit of fun if we are, I guess you would just have to watch yourself to avoid being stereotype edited.

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