Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The day I love more than Christmas

Melbourne Cup!

Its my favourite day of the year and I always take it off work to dress up in my best outfit and attend a glamorous function with my besties where I drink too much champagne in the middle of the day, dance like I'm in a nightclub, cheer and scream like a maniac for my favourite horse, sometimes win my day costs back and end up with the world's sorest feet all by 4pm.

This year is a little different - my usual Melbourne Cup posse is out of action! 2 of them are actually attending the real Melbourne Cup (very jealous but with a wedding to pay for I just couldnt fit this into the budget), C has no babysitter available, M and my sis are both working as they have just started new jobs etc.

Well obviously I'm not going to attend a luncheon/function on my own so the next best option was to convince the boss to close the office at 12pm and take charge of the social club. So that's exactly what I did!

We (about 17 staff) are booked into a local lounge bar and restaurant to enjoy 4 hours of entertainment, tapas and open bar (that's right, wine, beer, spirits, champers of course). As I am also a consistent social club contributor the day is also costing me nothing (apart from my bets). Pretty happy about that (as is S considering my usual functions are around $150 per person).

I am now considering my outfit options for the day but no inspiration as yet.

Will you be having a flutter on the Cup? My brother (who has 95% success rate on horse races) tells me don't waste your time on So You Think as it can't run the distance but says Descardo is in with a chance given its Caulfield performance. Have you got any winning tips for me?

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