Thursday, October 28, 2010

Besties, Bridesmaids and Wedding Invites

I truly have the most amazing best friends in C & M and they are outdoing themselves as the world's best bridesmaids too. They are always going above and beyond for me in everything!
So on Sunday, C and I went to see my sister K to print out the wedding invites (I am determined to get them sent out this month). After much messing around on Ks behalf to get the font just perfect, printing started and despite one small machine malfunction, the invites were done in about 2 hours - with only one forgotten.
Moving forward, C & M & I (M returned from her Thailand holiday this week - yay!) started work on cutting and assembling the invites on Tuesday night. We got far enough to know we needed a better guillotine and should actually measure and mark before cutting. We also figured out that the glue stick wasnt secure enough and we ran out of our glue tack product. I was pretty disheartened and could see these bits of paper turning into a big drama.

So while I was at work yesterday, C & M decided to have a little working bee (they even roped M's boy D into cutting paper) and by the time I got home, all the cutting was done, they had assembled 8 prototypes and gotten through an enormous amout of gluing and sticking.

How fabulous do the invites look:

C & M, I love you girls and my invites!!! Thank you thank you thank you!

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  1. What wonderful friends you have!
    The invites are lovely.