Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Who will you be cheering for NRL peoples?

Me? I don't have a lot of choice in my family, its either cheer for the Roosters or be disowned!

My father is a diehard Roosters fan having grown up in the Eastern 'burbs of Sydney and has tried to instill the same allegiance in all of us, his 4 children.

He didnt have much luck with me as I barely even followed the NRL till the Gold Coast got the Titans and my littlest brother is about the same. But, my little brother was converted till he got old enough to choose his own team (the Bulldogs much to my father's disgust and now the Titans) - we have pics of him about 2 yo wearing a Roosters jersey, undies and socks holding a supporters ball, its very cute but he would kill me if I ever posted it. My sister on the other hand is our father's daughter through and through when it comes to the NRL and the Roosters. She has never wavered in her support of them, not even last year when they were wooden spooners - that is commitment people!

So this year, I will be watching the big game with my sis and endeavouring to keep her calm as our father, brothers and uncles will be watching the game live - the boys have a grandfinal trip each year but its a male thing only (Karly tried to crash this year once the Roosters were confirmed but luckily for the boys, she couldn't make the flight schedule work).

My dad has very generously pulled out all his Roosters jerseys and has enough for each family member to wear one (and then some) so on Sunday, I will be at my parent's home (my sis is too highly strung to watch the game in public) wearing the tri colours and drinking to numb the boredom.

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