Monday, September 27, 2010

What do you think of this bag?

C came shopping with me on Sunday to Robina - she is an enabler and fully supported my handbag purchase, even defending me to S and my mum (she is a true best friend).

So after we made my purchase, C jumped on the bandwagon and decided she was due for a new handbag too.

We discussed options and browsed Mimco and Oroton but she felt they didn't offer anything that was her style or made her go wow.

We browsed DJs bag section but again, no wow factor.

Strolling through the arcade though, we happened to glance in the Marcs window and there was WOW on two bags!

On investigating the bags up close, we discovered they were just $149 - bargain price I felt!

Now C is trying to decided whether to get both styles or just one and if so, which one and what colour? My answer, buy them all ... or at least one in each style :)

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