Thursday, September 30, 2010

Walking & Magpies

Now, S and my wedding is coming up in March and after some discussion, we decided it wouldn't kill either of us to lose a couple of kilos between now and then.

How to go about dropping the kilos was hotly debated with me advocating walking/running and pilates while S didn't seem to have an actual plan apart from weights with L in the garage (the 2 boys have combined their benches, weights, bars etc to set up a garage gym). I explained that I would need S to walk/run with me still for safety reasons given the daylight attacks on female walkers that have recently occurred on the Gold Coast.

In the end S agreed to walk/run with me (he couldn't really argue though given the raeson I gave him) and we started on Monday night. We then got waylaid by our (read my) busy schedule and our next available timeslot was this morning at 6:15am.

I dragged S out of bed and we set off (it was bloody chilly this morning too). We were keeping a nice pace and I was pleased with our efforts until S opened his big mouth to tell me it was magpie swooping season and we had better watch out cause there are lots of them around our area. S also delighted in telling me the evil birds like to stalk first before starting their swoop attack.

From then on, the walk turned sour and I was petrified, glancing up every tree and turning around often to make sure I wasn't being stalked by one of those awful birds. S thought it was hilarious until we saw 3 of them in front of us! Luckily they were feeding on the ground and let us pass without incident (although I would backwards keeping my eyes on them till they were out of sight).

Once I had calmed and was walking with some ease, S then decided to play the joker and looked back before breaking into a run. Me of course assumed he had seen a magpie swoop and jumped a mile before sprinting myself. He cracked up laughing and said 'gotcha'.

Not happy Jan! S and my walking days might be severely limited if he plans to keep this up!

ps. I am tempted to email our local councillor and suggest he start posting some signs in the area like those below (either that or I'm going to get a cat)...

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