Friday, September 10, 2010


Forgot to post this the other day....

U2 are one of my favourite bands of all time and YAY, I GOT TIX TO THEIR SHOW!

I love all their music, especially the Achtung Baby album with One, Who's gonna ride your wild horses and End of the World. I also love All I Want is You and the tradition Bono has of dedicating it to his wife whenever he sings it. I also own their Live from Slane Castle DVD which I watch over and over and over again - it was a birthday gift from L after we had watched his copy to death.

Anyways, so in the excitement and panic, I actually messed up my first ticket order and only got 2 seated tix (1 for me and 1 for S) then remembered I wanted to get 4 (me, S, C & L). So I had a minor freak out wondering if I would be able to even log back in to ticketek and try for a second order of 4.

Surprisingly I had no problems getting back in and buying 4 tix altogether - dont tell S though as he doesnt know about the extra 2 tix we have :)

It was such a big deal to have C & L come to the concert as we saw U2 together last time they toured and it was both C & L's first ever concert experience (I know, how do you get to 26+ and have not been to a concert). Also, Jay Z is L's favourite entertainer (S & I are fans too but in the same league as L). So lucky for me, it all worked out.

C & L were thrilled we included them, I am now just hoping to get rid of the other 2 tix before S finds out!

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