Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Tuesday evening of champagne & canapes

S tells me that my invitation from Country Road to join them for their Spring preview evening is a clear indication that I am spending far too much money with their company.

Aside from that, I was delighted to receive an invitation from Country Road to join them at my local store last night for champagne, canapes, door prize and Spring preview. I was even allowed to bring a guest so I dragged M along to keep me company.

Upon arrival we wrote our names on some paper, scrunched it up and threw it in vase before accepting a glass of bubbly and touring the store to investigate new arrivals.

Overall I was not terribly excited by many of the new pieces but of course I still found a few items that took my fancy (ie. I bought them - the cardi in navy):

I am also lemming:

Highlights of the night had to be the waiter always coming back to M and I with his tray of food (M was scoffing the canapes: mini caramelised onion & goat cheese tarts, chicken with a avocado salsa, prawns on a watermelon base with a creme), the drinks waiter seeking us out attentively for refills and then M winning the $300 voucher draw!

Poor M had the worst day yesterday (she is a bank manager and had a hellish time of it when the security system went down and she couldn't even open for business, then her boy D came home and advised he had a flat tyre and needed to replace all 4 - $1200 was not in the budget for tyres before their October trip to Thailand) and when they were doing the door prize draw, told me she needed something good to happen. They drew out the first name and the guest had already left so M was calling out 'redraw redraw' and the manager agreed. Believe it or not, they then called out M's name! She squealed and gave a little dance - it was quite funny (I would have danced too if I won though, so no judgment here).

All in all, a very nice evening - thank you Country Road!

ps. Message to CR, you may not be able to count on my substantial support in future months due to my wedding looming ever closer and S' scrutiny of my accounts.

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