Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ricotta Gnocchi & Egplant Salsa

Last night I decided to surprise S with culinary skills ...

I sourced a recipe from the Masterchef website - Ricotta Gnocchi with Eggplant Salsa, one of the junior recipes (figured it would be less complicated - and set about picking up the ingredients after work. Can you believe that the Broadbeach Woolworths doesn't stock Romano cheese? I know, I wasn't impressed either and figured my next best option would be to substitute with parmesan.

Arrived home laden with grocery bags (I forgot to take my environmentally friendly ones which was not a good effort on my part) to find S playing around with new badges for his car. He looked up, asked 'what's all that?' to which I replied dinner. He asked what was for dinner and when I told him, he asked if I even knew what I was doing.

I was more than a little offended by his question as I get this often from him despite being quite a proficient domestic goddess with no kitchen disasters lurking in my past (that I can recall right now). He tells me its because I'm so easy to 'wind up'.

Anyways, so I like to experiment in the kitchen and was looking forward to this recipe although when I actually took the time to read the method beyond the ingredients, it was pretty basic. Like all good Italian dishes, there is only a handful of ingredients so while S was prepared for a lengthy wait to sit down to dinner, he was surprised when I called him to the table with 30 minutes.

I'm a really slack blogger and forgot to take pictures before we ate so the best I can do is post a pic I found that looks similar to what I served (I forgot to garnish with fresh basil though, even though I have my own herb boxes).

S was pleased with the end result although to be honest, I like eggplant a lot less than I thought and won't be putting the salsa on regular rotation.

For a simple but yummy meal, I recommend you download this recipe to try! Its beyond easy, quite tasty and actually quick to prepare.

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