Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Recent Ebay Buys & Lemmings

Ebay is a massive addiction for me and has been for many years now. I spend a sizeable amount of time each week searching, watching and bidding.

Both my mum and S are aware of and alert to my addiction so it involves a fair amount of sneakiness. To combat anyone catching on to just how much I buy on ebay, I have some parcels sent to my parents, some to my place and some to work. This was a necessary measure as at one point I had a parcel arriving everyday to my parents so I switched to my home and both mum and S pounced. The new system works nicely and has kept me out of any major trouble thus far although I need to be careful arriving home with the packages (using the car for storage is not really an option as I have a company car that is sometimes driven by other staff during the day).

My friends are well aware of my addiction too but support rather than judge - it means they have better clothes to borrow from me.

Here are two of my recent ebay purchases:

Bardot puff sleeve coat - loved this in the store and wanted the black one but left it too late and by the time I went back they were all sold out

Martini dress - I fell in love with the Marc Jacobs Alessandra dress on Gossip Girl but haven't been able to justify $300 or so dollars buying it with a wedding to pay for but came across this version yesterday (not a fan of knock-offs but will give this a go till I can buy the real thing)

Here are two of my lemmings (let me know if you see them around):

Country Road skirt

Sass & Bide dress

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