Monday, September 27, 2010

My (Great) Uncle Jimmy

So sadly, I have no grandparents.

My dad's dad passed away when I was 5 and his mum when I was about 12 then my mum's parents both passed away only in the last 3 years.

I have some solid good memories of my dad's parents - watching Hayley's Comet with my poppy and reading trashy novels at age 11 with my nan - but my best memories are of my mum's parents who I was very close to.

They lived only around the corner from us for the 10 or so years prior to their passing and not a day went by that I didnt visit them (unless I was away). I would call in on my way home from work every night for a Carlton Cold or glass of Coolibah soft fruity white and keep them company.

When S and I first started dating, I told him I couldnt meet him for dinner till 7:30pm as I had to visit my grandparents first. He later told me he thought I was making it up so I didnt have to spend as much time with him.

My grandparents were all really special and I miss them very much as they were taken from my family far too early (they all passed away before reaching 65).

I'm lucky though that I still have my Uncle Jimmy. He is really my mum's uncle and was my granny's eldest brother - there was 11 brothers and sisters in total. Uncle Jimmy is around 85 and lives in Goulburn. He always came up to stay with my grandparents, especially when they got sick and needed the extra help.

Because Uncle Jimmy is pretty much all the family mum has left (long story), mum flies him up for all the family special occasions including weddings, E parties, Christmas and milestone birthdays. Uncle Jimmy is just the sweetest man and my brothers and sister and I love having him visit. He's so independent too and healthy as an ox, he regularly trips around to country music festivals and makes his own music cds.

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