Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My birthday...

is on Friday!

I know, it snuck up very quickly.

I am trying not to think about the part where I turn another year older and edge closer to the big 3 0, instead focussing on the lunches, dinners and kind messages that go with celebrating my birthday.

My birthday means lunch the day before with K (my old supervisor), T (our bookkeeper at work who is in once a week on a Thursday) and our boss M. It always involves a glass of french champagne and a delicious meal somewhere nice. Not sure where to go this year, tossing up between RockSalt & Latin Quarter...

I then get taken out to lunch on Friday (my actual bday) by my mum and lil sis which always makes for an entertaing time. I think we will go to Envy as the menu I saw a few days ago looked quite yummy.

S and I have his cousin's E Party on Friday night (unfortunately I had to sacrifice the Titans semi for this but still looking forward to it) and I have a work annual awards ball on Saturday night so we will be doing dinner with my family and extras on Sunday night at the newly opened Robina Earth'n Sea - looking forward to all 16 of us sitting down to a meal as its always loud, entertaining and lots of fun.

Everyone keeps asking what I want for my birthday and to be honest, I am stumped. I have a tendency to buy something if I want it so there is not really anything I want that I dont already have when it comes to birthdays and Christmas. With this in mind, I decided the best present would be a pair of Chanel 5171s in black to replace my longsuffering pair of mother of pearl CC's. Everyone now has the option to donate $$ or giftcards and they all seem pretty pleased I have taken the pressure off them this year.

Note - I tried to put up pics of the restaurants & my sunglasses but they aren't loading grrr


  1. OK. So I feel like a stalker now... Just commented in 4 or so of your posts.... But I just had to say, that I know what its like. I always just buy myself stuff. And then when its birthday time (7 days before chrismas for me) I never know ehat I want!
    Hope you get your sunnies!

  2. LOL totally not a stalker, sounds like you're just like me :)