Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hens Weekend Rundown

Wow, what a weekend! Thankfully I survived and my sister had the time of her life!

After a week of intense preparations, we started the hens celebrations on Friday night with a gathering of girlfriends at my house. Much wine was drunk, homemade pizzas made and consumed and of course lots of gossiping and laughter. We finished the night watching The Blindside - love that movie and am always filled admiration for the amazing woman that made such an incredible difference in one person's life.

Early start Saturday began with a surprise day for my sis with me taking her to the Marriott for a buffet brekky where we relaxed poolside before moving on to Splash Day Spa where I booked us in for a 1 hour relaxation massage followed by a sugar rub scrub for her then some more relaxation in the mineral pools. K was suitably surprised and thrilled with the plans and treatment and we enjoyed a lovely sister time together sipping Grant Burge.

Upon leaving the spa, it was time to check into the hotel I booked for the night, The Meriton in Broadbeach. Funnily enough, we ended up on the 20th floor in an apartment right next door to where my bestie M lives.

We spent the afternoon decorating the fabulous ocean view apartment Mexican Fiesta style while sipping wine and watching K have her makeup trial which came out stunning and exactly as she dreamed.

Guests arrived soon after with most in bridesmaids dresses including C & M who went all out with 80's style getups that made everyone laugh.

Margarita glasses were decorated and personalised, games were played, quizzes completed and before we knew it, it was time to head to East for our bottle service booking.

The service from East was a little disappointing as our tables were not ready when we arrived nor were our pre-ordered bottles but K made up for it by setting out to complete her dares while we were waiting. This included finding someone old, someone new, someone borrowed and someone blue and having a photo with each of them. She found the oldest person in the club, an 18 year old, a guy in a blue shirt and jeans and finally another hen (someone borrowed). The other hen then required K to complete a dare for her which K did with ease before moving on to her next one, find a guy and borrow his mobile phone to call the last dialled number and speak with the person on the other end. K found a guy who thought it very amusing and lent her his phone - turns out his last dialled number was his mum but she didnt answer so K left a message explaining who she was and why she was calling.

Lots of dancing and vodka later, it was time to take K home (before she was asked to leave) and we headed for pizza then our hotel to put K to bed.

K fell asleep almost instantly but woke up the next day with the world's worst hangover. There were others worse though with one of her friends carrying a bucket with her anywhere she went. LOL

I had booked brekky at Koi in Broadbeach for the Sunday but K just wanted Maccas and bed before her kitchen tea booked for the afternoon so I obliged and got her home to rest before the next round of festivities.

The kitchen tea started at 3pm with a Mad Hatters theme. We had 20 or so guests arrive with headpieces (tiaras, fascinators, hats) to enjoy tea, champagne and an enormous assortment of sweet and savoury delicacies. We enjoyed watching guests' wedding dvds, looking at guests' wedding pics, sharing our fondest wedding memories, 'dressing the bride' with toilet paper and plastic bags, guessing the white powder from the pantry and mingling for such a happy occasion.

By 6pm, our guests were fading from the weekend's festivities and K was almost asleep on her feet but everyone agreed it had been a wonderful weekend of celebration and K shared that she was appreciative of everyones' efforts and attendance in making it so special for her.

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