Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Happy and Sad all at once

I just had the best and worst news!

My best friend M phoned to tell me she received a promotion she applied for last week.

Now, as a best friend, I am understandably delighted, over the moon and thrilled for the opportunity this presents to her (especially as she has been feeling a little stale and uninspired in her present role).

The sad part is, it means she will be relocating to Brisbane as the job is based there and her partner D already commutes from here to works up there.

This big move is going to happen in October so I dont have much time to come to terms with it all and am selfishly very sad because C & M & I all live less than 2kms from each other so I am used to M being 2 mins away by car, dropping in on her way home for a quick catchup, popping over on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon to hang out cause we're both bored. These are the advantages of being around the corner from each other and its all going to change.

Okay, selfish part over, YAY M on your promotion (not that there was any doubt in my mind you would get it)!

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