Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Well, I've really been very slack on the wedding posts lately so thought I would throw one into the mix today.

We finally got our cufflinks sorted today for the boys after days of nagging S to please have a look at my shortlist online and choose SOMETHING!

I found the site through a lovely Voguette rec (honestly, those girls can be just so helpful). For just $100 you can get 7 pairs of cufflinks. Such a great price and the right number for our bridal party.

These were my shortlist:

My sis K and I loved the black knots as she pointed out the pink ones were a bit dated (I thought they were modern) and the initials too casual for wedding but by the time S finally checked them out, the black knots were sold out grrrrr so then I came up with these:

But in the end, S decided he liked the initials idea best and me just being happy that a decision had been made, went ahead and humoured him by ordering the initials before they too sold out.

Another job ticked on the list!

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