Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Country Road Pacific Fair

I have finally secured one of my lemmings...

The Country Road grey marle tie-waist skirt

I have been stalking this skirt on ebay since it left the store and have tried calling around Australia for the skirt but met a million dead ends as I didn't know the item code.

So yesterday I decided on one last try and called my local store to see if they had taken any delivery of earlier season stock for the sale including this skirt.

The lovely Emma was super helpful, went through their lookbook, figured out the item code, searched the computer and tracked down the skirt in my size. It is now on hold awaiting my collection.

I just love Country Road staff, they are always so helpful.


  1. Big Country Road members sale in Sydney today!!! I havent got there yet. Open till 9pm! Can't wait!!! Looooovvvvveeee Country Road!

  2. I know, ours starts tomorrow on the Gold Coast so I'm very excited to pop in for a look as early as possible!