Monday, September 27, 2010

Best Birthday Weekend Ever

I'm so lucky (and spoilt).

My birthday was not limited to one day but rather, an entire long weekend and then some.

It all started with lunch out on Thursday at Latin Quarter with my boss and friends - the boss paid for lunch too (he is very thoughtful like that).

Then Friday my mum, her 85 yo uncle (Jimmy), my sis & her husband and my bestie C and baby S all met me for lunch at Envy Hotel - my mum paid for my lunch this time.

Friday night S and I went to an engagement party then Saturday I spent the day with M & C drinking wine and lots of laughing.

Saturday night I went to an annual awards evening at the Casino for work and Sunday, S and I enjoyed a late brekky then I went shopping followed by dinner with my fam and friends at Earth'n Sea - best pizzas.

Over the course of the weekend, I was totally spoilt and given lots of DJs gift cards in lieu of presents so that I could buy some new sunglasses (loving the Chanel 5171s).

I went into DJs on Sunday with all intentions of buying new sunglasses but was quickly distracted by the Oroton display - what can I say, I'm addicted to handbags.

Anyways, instead of sunglasses, I walked out as the proud new owner of the Oroton Venice bag:

S is not impressed, he rightfully pointed out that I have bought 3 Oroton bags this year. Oh well, I'm a happy camper with this new baby in my wardrobe, just need to convince S that I really do need a new pair of Chanel's to match the bag now :)

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