Monday, August 9, 2010

Truffle Parmesan Fries, Envy, Titans & that's just Friday night!

So Friday night, my best friend M and I finally redeemed our raincheck for an after work drink in Broadbeach. You see, we were originally scheduled way back around the beginning of July (might even have been late June) for a drink after work at Moo Moos - because M lives in Broadbeach and I work in Broadbeach and neither of us has ever gotten around to a drink after work apart from at each other's homes. We had to raincheck the original date as S fell about 2 metres off some scaffolding that day and there were injury concerns that required us to spend a night in emergency with me holding his hand like a good fiancee.

As M is always late, I had time to duck home, get changed (black tights, Siren booties, paterned silk CR tunic & black scarf) and have S drop me back to Broadbeach, all before M had left work - honestly, I love her dearly but her time management skills in her personal life are severely lacking. So I headed to Moo Moos where we had agreed to meet (because I was craving their truffled parmesan shoestring fries) and received a call from her telling me she was just around the corner.

Unfortunately Moo Moos was super busy with no available bar tables so I suggested we check out Eny Hotel - just opened this week in Broadbeach after a massive renovation and new very modern fitout (it was previously a pub and attracted an older crowd or tradies but the fitout indicates to me they are going for a '30 something fashion crowd now).

We got seated, ordered a bottle of wine and had a lovely time catching up on all the latest happenings and people watching. We also enjoyed the yummiest turkish braed & dips (pesto, sundried tom tapenade and some sort of eggplant paste). Considering arranging a dinner here one night in the near future.

At about 8pm, we thought we had better grab something to eat before going home (M had to work Saturday morning) and M voted pizza so we enjoyed a slice each and hopped in a cab home.

Arriving home, S was watching the Titans vs Eels game so I changed into my tracksuit and settled into join him for the end of it. Wow, what a game! The Titans are truly a great team, just very inconsistent at the best of times but the second half of this game was easily one of their best.

As I posted on my little cousin's facebook (she is a dedicated Eels fan), 'the Hayne Plane crashed and burned with the whole Parra team on board'. LOL

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