Thursday, August 12, 2010

Shopping for hen's night decorations

So as everyone knows from earlier posts, I am MH for my sister's wedding next month and as such, am in charge of planning the world's best hen's night - no pressure!

My original plan was to hire a luxury house at Sovereign Islands for the weekend and have a slumber party with cocktails, pampering, jet skiing, sunbaking etc but this was vetoed by my sis as being too expensive for me to cover (even though I was quite happy to).

So the plan was re-thought and I came up with an apartment in Broadbeach to host a mexican fiesta (think margaritas, sangria, mini enchiladas & a mexican dwarf to wait) with a '27 Dresses' dress code followed by bottle service at East.

With the mexican part in mind, my sis-in-law C and I set off to the local party store to source decorations - what a mine of fabulous bits and pieces including blow up cacti. See photos for just a sample of what we purchased.

We are now set for the occasion with spreadsheets, lists and schedule to map everything and ensure nothing slips through the cracks. It will be the event of the year - beaten only by the wedding of course!

Still stuck on plans for the morning of the hens though - I want to do something special with my sis before the festivities all start. Any suggestions?

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