Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lunch with baby S

Just found these photos and thought they were too cute not to share - baby S is such a poser!

C (baby S' mother), baby S and I were having lunch last Monday at the North Burleigh Surf Club right on the beach when I took these pics. As you can see, the weather was amazing.

The food wasn't bad either, we sipped an Extra Dry beer each (an old favourite of ours) and shared salt & pepper calimari on a bed of asian salad plus a caesar salad (with a proper poached egg, just the right amount of dressing and not too much lettuce) and we also gobbled some of baby S' chippies. Loved the chips - they had a seasoning that was just the same as the yummy Wet'n Wild seasoning if anyone knows what I am talking about :).

As the photo's show, baby S was most occupied with her straws, coasters and chips.

Such a lovely way to spend a Monday afternoon - wish I could do it more often.

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