Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hens Night Dares

Google is my very best friend :) (I hope M & C don't read this, they wont be impressed with that statement).

For my sister's hens night, I plan to have a goodie bag for each guest (filled with ring pop lollies, candy lipstick & bracelets, pink ribbon merchandise and other little knick knacks) and include a dare to be completed in those goodie bags of the guests that are joining us at the nightclub after the formal celebrations.

Now it was actually kind of tricky to come up with dares for this group as I knew anything tacky would just be ignored and not completed (eg. collect a guy's phone number, get a guy to buy you a drink) thereby ending the game before it begins.

So after much googling, I snared a variety of dares from different hens sites:
• Collect one red sock
• Sing on a microphone or stand on a stage and sing
• Have a photo of yourself taken with a bartender
• Ask for someone’s autograph while pretending they are famous
• Have a photo of yourself taken behind a bar
• Collect a purple lighter
• Collect a man’s tie
• Have a photo of yourself taken with a bouncer
• Collect a taxi receipt
• Convince a man you used to be a guy
• Collect a business card from a stranger (cannot be a card from or associated with the nightclub)

• ‘Walk like an egyptian’ everytime someone says 'wedding'
• Walk around the nightclub with 2 pegs on your top, one on each shoulder
• Find and photograph the male equivalent of the Spice Girls: Scary, Sporty, Baby, Posh & Ginger

And my favourite,
• FOR THE BRIDE: Find someone old, someone new, someone borrowed and someone blue (can be a policeman or someone wearing blue) and have a photo with each.

I think these will be greeted by enthusiasm and an actual desire to complete them.

Does anyone have any other suggestions for dares?

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