Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Goodbye Parentals, Farmers Markets, Super Amart & Pommetini's at Cs

My Saturdays have grown very predictable since I discovered the Palm Beach Farmers Markets - it is almost a guarantee that you will find me there between 8am and 9:30am socialising with the other 20 people I know who go too.

I broke the routine up a little on saturday though by visiting my parents first to say Bon Voyage and wish them a safe journey. They departed on the Pacific Dawn for a South Pacific cruise on Saturday morning - their first cruise. S & I did this same very cruise last March and had one of the best holidays ever so I was full of encouragement and words of wisdom for them. It was an entertaining goodbye to say the least with my mum racing around the house freaking out because she was so unorganised (realised she hadnt packed a beach towel or any shoes but she had not one centimetre of room left in her suitcase). She then decided my pink Oroton handbag would go perfectly with her outfit and could I turn around,m go home and get it and while I was at it, bring my Spencer & Rutherford luggage set as she wanted to use it afterall despite us speaking the night before and her insisting she wouldn't need it. I told her to calm down and relax to which she replied a little wildly, 'I cant relax, I have ONE hour to be ready and I'm not' so I just laughed and went to chat to my dad you was relaxing with a coffee. After hugs and kisses, I departed on my way to the markets where I was due to meet my bestie M.

As usual, M was nowhere to be seen on my arrival so I did the rounds and picked up all my usual staples plus a couple of different items (trying out a Butter Chicken curry pack from the Spice Traders - all the spices are measured and just need to be ground up to make a delicious curry from scratch). I ran into C's dad at the Italian man (porcini ravioli, craem mushroom sauce, pancetta & mushroom pizza, fresh linguini mmmmnnnnn) and we had a quick catch up while I recounted my earlier morning with my parents and we both had a laugh about my mum (who are C's parents besties).

I finished up my shopping, packed everything in the car and M called to say she was a minute away so I headed back into the markets to meet her and do the rounds. N (C's sister and my friend) called while we were there to say she had seen my car in the lot and did we want to meet her, her husband N and their daughter T for a catchup so we wandered till we found them and shared a fresh golzeme (a crepey concoction with cheese & spinach). Finally we were done and time to go home ... and it was only 9am. So much achieved already!
Have you visited the Palm Beach Farmers Markets yet? You must! You won't regret it.

At home, S was busy cleaning (washing & vacuuming) so I packed away our produce and we decided to go to Super Amart to have a look at outdoor settings as we had been using C & L's but they needed it back for their new house that weekend. We tried out quite a few different seats (some are super uncomfortable and I can't believe anyone would buy them) and found a great setting that suited our patio perfectly in size, shape and colour for the low price of just $349. Of course we popped a deposit on and S will collect it on Friday. Ideally, I would love a huge square 8 to 10 seater table but our little patio is not up to something of that size.

Such a successful weekend thus far and we were only up to 11am.

Home again before a visit to the local supermarket for some staples then home again to marinate chicken wings for the evenings celebrations at C & L's new house.

More tidying (it never ends) then we were off to C & L's - just around the corner.

I couldn't believe what a great job they had done get everything moved in and settled within two days (C is dedicated like this, I remember from when we lived & moved together). Baby S was just thrilled to see us, as we were her and lots of cuddles, dancing and exclamations ensued. Baby S is so clever, at 14 months she is identifying and saying nose, mouth, eyes, people in photos and many other things.

Anyways, so C & L and S & I enjoyed a Saturday afternoon in the sunshine nibbling on antipasto treats I picked up at the markets while sipping Pommetinis and Coronas for the boys. When the weather turned cold, L pulled out a coal pit he bought that day for the occasion and we spent the evening warm and toasty talking rubbish till late.

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