Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Don't sit under the apple tree

Saturday night was an evening of 1930's fun, dress and entertainment. See little bro J in the mood below (he was dinking like it was the 1930's too).

My surf club was celebrating its 75th anniversary last weekend and celebrated with a family fun day on Saturday and a 1930's themed gala dinner with authentic entertainment.

S and I dressed up in as close to 1930's style as we could find in our wardrobes - my outfit was made up of a Cue maroon Galaxy dress, back backseam stockings, red lippie and my granny's cream fur stole while S wore black slacks, white striped collared shirt, grey jacket and newsboy cap. Not a bad effort all up we thought. I also pinched N's cloche hat to complete my outfit after she had polished off a bottle of champagne and wasn't fit to argue it. S & my dad below.

N (my best friend & also C's big sister), organised the evening and did a brilliant job. The decorations were great, everyone dressed up and the event was a sellout!

Possibly the best part of the evening was the entertainment. Not sure if you have heard of them but we enjoyed music from The Andrews' Sisters tribute band. They dressed in traditional wartime costume and sung songs from the past including 'Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree'. People got up to dance and there was much laughter. My mother and brother J showed everyone up on the dance floor with their moves including a jive that no one could compete with.

My whole family was in attendance as well as many good friends so I enjoyed a wonderful night reliving the 1930's.

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