Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Bramble Patch

Google and I have been getting very close lately in my plans for my sister's hens night, my wedding and my research for our mini break in Stanthorpe.

Subsequently in my hours of googling Stanthorpe and its attractions, I came across this website:

My parents actually visited the Bramble Patch a few weeks ago but didnt really give me any details other than that it was a jam/chutney produce place and worth a visit - they were too busy raving about the wines and wineries visited.

Now a little known secret about S outside of close friends and family is that he has a severe and serious addiction to condiments! That's right, chutneys, marmalades, sauces, spices, dukkahs etc. Our pantry and shelves are jampacked with condiments from farmers markets, supermarkets and anywhere S can source them.

If you check out the Bramble Patch website, it looks like a condiment lovers' idea of heaven to me and I'm sure it will be S favourite place in Stanthorpe, I just have some concerns about how we will transport all S' purchases home.

Too be honest though, it is an addiction I kind of enjoy and I have already made a list of items to purchase from the Bramble Patch website - beginning with the red onion marmalade, berry coulis, berry vincotta, spicy tomato & shiraz & tom/basil sauces, tomato kassoundi, lime pickle and fortified wines.

I think our little break to Stanthorpe is going to be any expensive one when I factor in visits to the Bramble Patch and 8 wineries.

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