Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Winning So Far

Okay, so I thought I was the kiss of death to World Cup soccer teams - I cheered for Aus then we were out, I cheered for NZ then they were out, I cheered for England and they got out ... seeing a pattern here? S banned me after England lost from supporting a team, or at least any that he was cheering for.

My new team became the Netherlands or traditionally the 'Oranje' - how good are those guys! (statement not question)

They seem unstoppable despite my support and I really think they are going to take out the cup.

That's right people, you heard it here first, Netherlands are going to win the World Cup (and of course now that I have said that, either Spain or Germany are sure to take it out).

I will be staying up to watch the final for sure and am interested to see who will be the second finalist. S hopes Spain but I have a little soft spot for the young German team despite them being responsible for the Socceroos departure.

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