Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Weekends Go Too Quickly - Friday & Saturday

My weekend turned out almost exactly as planned and detailed in my TGIF post of last week.
S and I enjoyed an amazing dinner at Don Angelos on Friday night with his parents (we shared ravioli al forno, gnocchi gorgonzola, a casa bella calzone & meatlovers pizza). I ate wayyyyy too much, drank my favourite red (Wirra Wirra Churchblock) and made it home feeling merry and full to the brim.

Saturday started early and I collected M at 7:30am to head to the Palm Beach Farmers Markets where I picked up gastronomic delights including provolone from the cheese man, apple juice fresh from the Stanthorpe orchards, homemade maccheroni pasta & a napoli sauce, tea tree honey, macadamia & lime fudge and an assortment of produce and antipasto items. M marvelled at the deliciousness of products for sale and is now a converted farmers markets shopper. We also bumped into C, baby S and C's sister N while there and enjoyed some live entertainment while sipping coffee in the sunshine.

After dropping M home, I, in the words of FF, actioned some housework chores. Isn't it crazy how washing just piles up while you aren't looking? I also swept our front courtyard of dead leaves and cleaned the bathrooms (always a drag).

S then arrived home from his morning of work and we decided to check out my brother N competing at the IRB state titles at Broadbeach (my surf club). For a clear sunny day, the wind was mighty cold but I persevered and spent the afternoon on the beach helping my little sister K team manage the crew (as he is not a surf lifesaver, S was bored very quickly and I allowed him to leave and meet 'the boys' at the pub).

Saturday afternoon I enjoyed several sav blancs overlooking the water on our back deck reading my guilty addiction (Harry Potter books) before meeting old friends for dinner at Shogun. Honestly, I love this place. The food was delicious, the surroundings authentic and the company was fabulous.
So fabulous in fact we decided to continue on after dinner to the Casino for a drink and flutter. This was entertaining as my friend H is about 6 1/2 months pregnant and looked quite odd wandering through the Casino to the roulette table. Sadly, no big wins were had on roulette although a $20 stake bought me at least an hour's entertainment so no complaints on that score.
We departed the Casino around 11pm and all agreed a catchup must happen again soon - S had never spent time with H's husband J but they quickly became BFFs and like good boys, left H and I to disseminate almost 12 months of gossip and news.

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