Friday, July 16, 2010


I have been absolutely exhausted this week and only thoughts of my weekend plans have gotten me through!
S & I have a busy itinerary ahead (much to S' frustrations) that starts soon after the bell goes at 5pm today.
We are dining with S' parents this evening at an old favourite of ours, Don Angelos. A wonderful little mediterranean/italian restaurant set out in the boondocks (I kid you not people, we are talking some 30 mins to get there). The food is more than worth the drive, at least I hope it still is. It was recently taken over and S' parents are not terribly impressed with the change. This is S & my first visit since the changeover and I am craving the Casa Bella calzone and the Ravioli Al Forno (please please please taste as good as you use to!).
My Saturday will start early with a visit to the Palm Beach Farmer's Markets where I will meet C & M to pick up some delicious homemade pastas, pasta sauces, pizzas, curry spices, fresh produce, fresh french bread and yummy gourmet antipasto items.
Saturday afternoon will likely be spent enjoying aforementioned antipasto items with a chilled sav blanc before dinner at Shogun Karaoke Restaurant - I haven't been here for yaesr so am excited to see the changes - where we are meeting an old friend of my H (almost 6 months pregnant), her husband J and their 3 year old daughter A. There will be much gossip and laughter shared over dinner as I haven't seen H since last October (and she only lives in Brisbane)!
Sunday I am praying for a decadent sleep in and brunch with S before C & L drop baby S over to us. They are having some 'alone' time while S & I get to babysit our favourite little person. Hopefully the weather stays gorgeous (currently crystal clear with a warm sun) so we can take her to the beach for a play in the sand - her new favourite thing.
What are your plans for this weekend? Hope you too can enjoy gorgeous weather and time with friends.
(no photos for this post sorry but I will take some over the weekend so you can see what I'm talking about)

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