Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sundays are for ...

Sleep ins, chilling with friends and sav blanc in the sunshine.
Lucky for me, I got to enjoy all of the above.

Sunday started with a lazy morning under the doona watching channel V itunes countdown before S and I dragged ourselves up to do some cleaning. S was motivated to vacuum and wash the floors so ‘our baby’ S wouldn’t have play on floors that were anything less than spotless ha ha.

While S was in cleaning mode, I went to the bakery for fresh bread so we could cook a yummy brunch before the arrival of C, L & baby S. Alas, we were too slow and they arrived before we managed to get cooking so bacon & eggs was shelved as its just too difficult while trying to supervise a very inquisitive 1 year old. Instead, we dropped C & L to their date and ventured to a local oval with baby S for some fun. There were many squeals of delight upon discovering pieces of bark, dried leaves, sticks and all other kinds of goodies. Progress was slow to the middle of the oval as every blade of grass was carefully examined.

Then it was time for baby S’ lunch (she’s happy little vegemite girl) and antibiotics (poor bubba has had a cold) before a play date with our friends B, S and little M. A park in Broadbeach was the ideal venue and the weather couldn’t have been better. Baby S wasn’t terribly interested in little M but had a brilliant time in the sand. She also wasn’t excited by the swings or slide but wanted to join everybody and anybody in the park who had a ball of some sort. It was time to venture home for baby S’ afternoon nap and we picked up my friend M and some sav blanc on the way.

Baby S crashed quickly and M and I spent the next hour and a half relaxing in the sunshine on our deck watching the fish jump in the canal. Before too long, baby S was awake and it was home time for M. Baby S and I had a great time playing and dancing to Ollie from Nick Jnr and the Black Eyed Peas till her parents arrived home with another friend of ours visiting from Melbourne.

A wonderful evening was spent with my best friends catching up on everyone’s week and then the weekend was over.

On a side note, I adore baby S but I don’t know how parents be parents every day! It is exhausting trying to entertain a 1 year old and stick to her schedule!

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