Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ok, I lied …

One last soccer post – it would be wrong not to offer my thoughts on the final considering I offered them at every other stage in the World Cup Series.

I am sad! So sad for the 'Oranje' and so sad for me cause my team lost and S' team won (and I hate losing).

It was quite a dull game all things considered with little opportunity for either team to score but it was also a decidely rough game with the most yellow cards handed out in a final.

I have moved on from my sadness though and am genuinely happy for Spain as it is their Nation's very first World Cup win (it would have been the Dutch's too had they won).

I am also a little stunned that Paul the German octopus finished with a 100% success rate on picking World Cup winners - honestly, am I the only one completely weirded out by a psychic octopus?

Moving on from winners and losers, I would like to share what I felt was the most entertaining part of the Cup... the divers.

You know, the players that take a dive to try and get the ref to penalise the other side.

Honestly, I watched a montage of dives on the SBS Santos and someone and someone show Sunday night and was laughing out loud at the audacity of some players.

Two that stick in my memory are the Cote'd Ivoire player who got kicked in the shin and went down dramatically clutching his face or Italy's de Rossi who was running alone down the field and suddenly dropped to the ground in agony despite no-one even being close enough to touch him let alone impede or injure him.

Made for some good viewing people!

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