Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Oh No

Look at my breakfast lunch & dinner for today:

So last night after a super hot dinner (the boy surprised me and cooked a yummy beef Vindaloo), I came down with a sore throat that had been nagging all day, puff watery eyes, sore head and congested sinuses.

This morning I feel even worse than I did last night plus tired because the inability to breathe kept me awake but I am at work soldiering on as I will be off Friday & Monday so am already behind the 8 ball workload wise.

Now my main problem with being sick (apart from feeling like rubbish) is that I am going to Melbourne this weekend! Talk about timing! This is just not convenient and there is nothing worse than being on a plane with a cold and congested sinuses.

I will be consuming my butter menthols, lemsips and cold & flu to the limits in the hope of shaking this cold quick smart.

Wish me luck (please).

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