Thursday, July 8, 2010

Neck and Neck

For those of you following the World Cup, S and my bet on the winner has come down to the wire, we are neck and neck people!

The German Octopus correctly predicted this morning's result and Spain were victorious meaning that S' team and mine are now to play the final - this could get ugly people as S and I are highly competitive but never fear, I have recruited little sister K to strengthen the 'Oranje' cheer squad numbers.

In this tense time, I take great comfort from Fergy's words (Sir Alex Ferguson of Man U for those not up in soccer), he qas quoted saying the 'Oranje' will win the Cup and have not yet even played their best form.

For those not understanding the octopus reference, apparently there is a psychic octopus in Germany that has correctly predicted all German World Cup game outcomes and had an 80% success rate in the EuroCup matches. Bizarre I know!

For those of you not following the Cup (or highly bored by it), I promise almost all future posts will be entirely un-soccer related so hang tight.


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